artistic 1% in Louis Blanc school

     We  respect the sculptural aspect  of the glass roof, all the elements are joined together in one concept to offer a simple, play space to live.

        The covered playground is defined between inside and outside, between shell and Milky Way .

        Public Work: Regional council of Val de Marne      Architects: Bernard Feraille and Alain Neymarc




             Glass  tames the light , pearly screenwhere shadow, light, colour exist. clb14.jpg

             Metallic structure  above the glass allows access to  maintenance, triangulation, monumental light sculpture.
             Water in stream above the glass: maintenance and soft air conditionning.

             Color is present at three levels :
                                       - post, direct tactile encounter withe the pupils' hands.
                                       - lighting, pure color  integrated to the glass roof.
                                       - stapples  to fix the glass,  seen against the sky light .