wood and metal sculptures

       Wood is life. It is necessary to pay attention, it takes months (evenr years) of listening ,
       taming, to connect/communicate with its memory and put something together with its fibers and moods.                                            







     Totems and Belle de Saint-Malo, open air studio,  wood and copper corsets , homage to Frida Kahlo                                      

     bois-perce.jpg          arlequin7.jpg           gardienne15ter.jpg           gardien15bis.jpg           chened6-1.jpg
       "in Oak in the text"                      "Arlequin"                           "Forest Keeper 1 et 2 "                "White in Time"

       "Victoire de Samothrace" (aulne et châtaignier, h:1m),  "sans titre"  h: 1,50m, "Cri Jaune" h: 1 m (tirage bronze sur commande),   "Homme Bleu"  h: 2 m  



        Series of bronzes produced at the "Instituto Politecnico Nacional" of Mexico in 2009  and others... (height ~ 20 à 40 cm)


                      Producing works in bronze, from the metal soup to the cast firing , 
                     understand the molten dynamic of the metal dancing  into shapes.                      


  France fonderie AVANGINI, 77230 Moussi-le-Neuf   jeanmarcavanzini@yahoo.fr